Pirkei Avot class Adult Hebrew School Pirkei Avot ("The Ethics of Our Fathers") is one of the best known and most cited of Jewish texts. This beloved tractate of the Mishna composed of ethical maxims of the Rabbis is familiar for such maxims as "If I am only for myself, who am I?" (1:14) and "Say little and do much" (1:15). Rabbi Goldenberg examines and teaches a different Mishna of Pirkei Avot on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm.  

Women's Group

Tehilim.jpgThis class on Tehillim (Psalms), by Dina Goldenberg, analyzes the pathos and precision of David Hamelech (King David)'s monumental work, chapter by chapter. Dina combines a thorough study of the literary structure of each Psalm with a broad overview of the Early and Later commentaries, producing classes that are both informative and inspiring. This class is given bi-weekly. Please email dina@jewishlawrence.com for more inormation.

 Lunch & Learn Lunch & Learn Looking for a different taste for your lunch? Join us at Chabad for some food for both your body and soul. Contact Us for more information.

Marriage Prep

Chupah.jpgEngaged? Contact us to arrange for the most time-honored way to prepare for establishing a Jewish home with one-on-one personalized instructions.

One-on-One Study One-on-One Study Whether it's Aleph Bet, Talmud, the weekly Torah Portion, or Kabbalah, you name it and Rabbi Goldenberg or Dina will become your personal study partner. Contact Usso we can begin a One-On-One study session tailor-made to your needs. 


Bar/Bat Mitzvah training

Bar Mitzvah.jpgOur Bar Mitzvah Tutoring provides a positive experience during the Bar/Bat Mitzvah training period. Since every student learns differently, the Bar Mitzvah tutor adjusts the Bar/Bat Mitzvah lessons according to the individual needs of the student. No prior schooling necessary. Contact Us for more information.