Chabad of Lawrenceville

Rabbi Yitzchak and Nechama Dina Goldenberg together with their children Rivka, Mendy, Rochel’le, Chatzkel, Shaina, and Chaya, live in Lawrenceville, NJ, where they established Chabad of Lawrenceville, in September 2001. They serve the Jewish families of Lawrenceville and the surrounding communities.

Chabad is an international Jewish organization with over 4,000 institutions world-wide, inspired by the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, OBM. We are dedicated to serving the Jewish community with warmth, joy, and unconditional love and acceptance for every Jew regardless of affiliation or level of observance.

Our philosophy is that Torah must be presented and experienced in a modern, relevant context and made available to each individual on their own level. Our mission is to promote and strengthen Jewish awareness, pride, and observance, by providing educational, cultural, and social activities in a joyous and casual atmosphere.

Our Services

• Shabbat Services
• High Holiday Services
• Shabbat Dinners
• Hebrew School  
• Adult Education
• Bar/Bat Mitzvah Training
• Weekly Adult Education
• Lunch ‘n’ Learns at Local Businesses
• Workshops & Lectures
• Women’s Events
• Youth Activities
• Jewish Enrichment Programs
• Hospital and Nursing Home Visitations
• Prison Chaplaincy
• Senior Activities
• Kitchen Koshering
• Personalized Study Sessions
• Mezuza & Tefillin Services
• Shiva and Kaddish Services
• Wedding and Bar/Bat Mitzvah Officiating
• Counseling
               ...and much, much more!

A Biography of Rabbi Yitzchak & Nechama D. Goldenberg

Rabbi Goldenberg grew up in Montreal, Canada. He graduated from Rabbinical College of Canada with a BA in Talmudic studies. He then continued his studies at the Rabbinical College of Sydney and received Rabbinic Ordination in 1999.

Nechama grew up in Brooklyn, N.Y., and graduated from Beth Rivka Academy. She later graduated from the Bais Chana Women's Institute of Safed, Israel. Dina has since been a teacher in a variety of schools in New York and New Jersey.

Rabbi Goldenberg is the director of Chabad of Lawrenceville and serves as spiritual leader of the Young Israel of Lawrenceville Synagogue. He also serves as Jewish chaplain for the Department of Corrections.

Chabad of Lawrenceville is an affiliate of Chabad of Mercer County 

Disclaimer: Should any establishments be advertised on this website, Chabad of Lawrenceville does not endorse its Kosher certification. Each establishment stands on the merit of its certifying agency.