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  • Purim 5780Monday, March 9: Fast of Esther starts 5:54 am, ends 7:27 pm. Megillah reading 7:15 pm.

    Tuesday, March 10: Shacharis 8:30 am, Megillah readings 9:00 am & 5:00 pm.

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  • Passover 5780Community Seder Wed., April 8, 8:00 pm. Price: $40. Email for more info. To contribute to the Pesach Fund and help families in need, please click the "Donate" button below and type "Pesach Fund" in the note. Wishing you a Happy & Kosher Passover! Sale of Chametz form
  • Seudas Moshiach 5780Seudas Moshiach

    Thursday, April 16, 6:30 pm

    2564 Princeton Pike, Lawrenceville
  • Sunday Morning Tefillin BreakfastFirst Sunday of each month @ 9am. Get your week off to a great start with Tefillin wrapping followed by a bagel and smears breakfast
  • What Kind of Guard Are You?The monetary laws of the Torah are more than just utilitarian laws that allow for a functioning... Read More
  • The Burial Society's TefillinAn assortment of tefillin—some old and worn, others glossy and new—lay neatly arranged.
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  • The Power of ReframingChapter 24 of Positivity Bias Read More
  • The Abuse Survivor’s Tightrope WalkThere is no cheering. No crowds. No
    clapping from far down below.
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  • Do Rabbis Need to Be Married?Historically,
    many communities traditionally included in their bylaws that they would only accept...
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Our masters taught: There are three partners in man -- G-d, his father, and his mother. His father inseminates the white substance, out of which are formed the child's bones, sinews, and nails, the brain in his head, and the white of his eye. His mother inseminates the red substance, out of which are formed the child's skin, flesh, and hair, and the black of his eye. G-d implants in him spirit, soul, beauty of countenance, eyesight, the capacity to hear, the capacity to...
Talmud, Niddah 31a
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